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Oakdale, MN Divorce Lawyer

Serving Woodbury, Maplewood and all of the Twin Cities Metro

If you are looking for a family law attorney, you probably have a lot of questions. Questions about how you will be able to continue to support your family after a divorce, or questions about whether or not your custody or visitation agreement is fair. James Capra is an experienced and affordable family law attorney. If you are looking for help dealing with a family law situation in St. Paul, Oakdale, Woodbury, Maplewood or anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro, do not hesitate to contact him for a free consultation.

Mr. Capra handles the following areas of family law:

Free Consultation for all new Family Law Matters.

We understand that going through any family law situation can seem indimidating and overwhelming. That is why Mr. Capra offers a free initial consultation for all family law matters either at his office in St. Paul, or at a meeting location in Oakdale, Woodbury or Maplewood. In the initial consultation, Mr. Capra can help you determine:

  • The best course of action to resolve your family law matters
  • An overview of what to expect though the process
  • Advice on how to deal with your soon to be ex-spouse or dealing with other family and friends
  • A best estimate of what the process will cost (which can be quite a range if you do not yet know whether or not the case will wind up in trial)
  • Most importantly.....peace of mind. Mr. Capra wants to leverage his experience to ensure that your situation the best outcome possible. That all starts with you sharing your situation with an experienced professional who can help you understand it. So much of the tension and anxiety in a family law situation comes from simply not knowing what to expect or how to proceed. Mr. Capra aims to help you trade in all of those scary unknowns for the comfortable feeling the comes from having a plan, and an able advocate to execute it.