About Us | St. Paul Family Law Office

Initial consultations are free, no time limit. You decide what you want to talk about and how long you need to stay. Everything is confidential, in a quiet, supportive environment. We can accommodate your work schedule, too. Come in before work, during your lunch hour, after rush hour, in the evening - we'll find something for you. Weekends also available when necessary.

E-mail: We love e-mail to the extent that there is no charge for e-mail correspondence - ever. Clients routinely send just about anything you could imagine: photos, spreadsheets, other e-mails, jpg's, etc. It is truly a great way to keep your bill to a minimum and still maintain regular contact with your lawyer. Why take a problem home with you for the weekend if we can help?

Fees: We have considerable involvement with various legal aid agencies in Minnesota and take on a couple of pro bono each year through the various volunteer attorney panels. What is becoming evident is that there is an ever-growing class of people in our State that earn too much to qualify for free legal services and yet cannot afford a $350 per hour attorney. People ‘on the fringe’ need legal services, too, and they constitute a portion of our clientele. Money is tight and that’s often what drives people into the Court system in the first place. Legal services are never cheap, but if there’s anyone capable of working within the limits of your budget, its us. You’ll see.

PAYMENT: Cash is good. We take personal checks and debit cards as well. If you have a Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express, we can also work with you, and I do NOT pass servicing charges off to my clients.